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Being a vintage sound lover, Groovy Joy’s djset is rich in groove and style, going through classical swing and electro swing house.

His more than twenty-year experience as a dj can be easily detected since the beginning of a session, showing an excellent technic, brilliant creativity and a high savoir faire with the “dance- oor psychology”.

Both in his solo act and in his duo with Rosantique, he brings on stage a spectacular performance made of the nest and purest vintage style that makes the vintage addicted go literally crazy.

Groovy Joy is going to sort out his third release with “Beatnik City”.
He already collected two goals with his previous singles like the remix of “Just a Gigolo” included in compilation as Electro Swing Revolution vol.7.

He has been playing across Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Aus- tria) with his eclectic set of nest and meticulous selected vintage remixed track.